Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Week 4 Bad Samaritan Videos, Masada, Gates of Hell, Timelines

Great job on the Bad Samaritan.  Videos!

Great discussion on the "Kingdom" count on your TV shows:



We took a field trip to Masada, built by King Herod.

  The video on Masada we watched in class is not online, but a good summary is here.
(optional:Here are three short articles on it:  1,   2   ,3 )

We voted for president! Results below.  Be prepared to talk politics on Moodle!

Trump (9), Hillary (3)
Bernie (2), Neither (3) ,
Republican, Neither, Trump over Hillary (1),
 Cruz or opt out.  Trump is a pompous ass. Hillary is a liar (1),
 Plead the 5th (1),
 Jesus (woop woop)  (1)
Stephen Curry (1)  
Gary Johnson (1)

After reading Matthew 16, we watched this  17 min. video by Uncle Ray on " Caeserea Phillipi: Gates of Hell."  (Must be signed into Moodle to watch.

See helpful summaries and articles
Pay attention to what you think "this rock" is.

four more timelines tonight:

Preparation Reading:
  • NOAB article “Introduction to Acts,” p. 1919...can be skipped
  • Acts chapters 1-15  can be skipped
  • Fee & Stuart chapter 6 Acts: The Question of Historical Precedent
  • NOAB article “Introduction to The Letters/Epistles in the New Testament,” p. 1973-1974 can be skipped
  • Galatians, Ephesians, James, 1 John (entirety of each) & the NOAB Introductions for each  Just do EPHESIANS
  • Kraybill chapters 11-12

Preparation Assignments:
1.  Letters to NT Churches Worksheet  can be skipped
2.  Service Project, Log of hours, and Response Essay (see description attached to the syllabus and below)
3.  Analysis of Kraybill The Upside-Down Kingdom
Write a 3-4 page, typed essay, analyzing The Upside-Down Kingdom using the following format. In one paragraph describe the main point (thesis) that Kraybill develops in his book (read the Preface!). Then select three chapters from among chapters 1 and 5-12, and show how Kraybill defends/develops his thesis in those chapters. (You may not use chapters 2, 3, or 4 for this assignment.) Finally, include two questions or issues the book raised for you, for use in class discussion. This assignment is a building block for the final paper. This assignment must be submitted to turnitin.com by 6 pm Week 5. Login at top of Moodle

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